Welcome to Spectre Imaging .  We appreciate the time that you are taking to view our work and hope that you take as much pleasure in viewing our portfolios as we did in creating them.  Spectre Imaging specializes in architectural and outdoor photography by commission as well as stock architectural and outdoor images. 

  • Aphrodite Hibiscus - 2 - Aphrodite Hibiscus - 2
  • Dahlia 'Carmen Alexandra' - 3 - Dahlia 'Carmen Alexandra' - 3
  • Yellow Hibiscus 'Golden Yellow' - 2 - Yellow Hibiscus 'Golden Yellow' - 2
  • Sparkle Dahlia-2 - Sparkle Dahlia-2
  • Dahlia Bumblebee 5 - Dahlia Bumblebee 5
  • Michigan Tree Frog 1 - Michigan Tree Frog 1
  • Dahlia Bumblebee 2 - Dahlia Bumblebee 2

All images are available in a myriad of forms, from digital download to 16"x24" mounted prints, and many things in between.  Should you need a specific item or image that you do not see displayed in any of our Galleries, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss.  If you would like to discuss retaining us for a shoot, or to obtain commercial usage rights for any image, please contact us via e-mail at spectreone@spectreimaging.com

Again, thank you for visiting us today.  Please enjoy.

Robert Jordan