Spectre Imaging Frequently Asked Questions


Why are your print product prices higher than other online sources?

When you purchase a product, such as an 11x14 print, from a Photographer, you are not simply purchasing "ink and paper", as you would be from a photo lab, who prints your photo for you.  That is certainly one component of the price, but when you purchase a product from a Photographer, you are purchasing, first and foremost, the rights to use that Photographer's image.  These rights go by many names, such as licensing fee or creativity fee.  This fee buys the Photographer's time, the cost of the equipment, business costs, and, most importantly of all, that Photographer's creative vision, in addition to the cost of the "ink and paper".  So, while that 11x14 print of your photo might cost $12 at "Cheap Online Photo Source", it may well cost $65 from "Outstanding Photography".  As you cruise the web and view the myriad of great images from the Professional Photographers of the World, and understand the investment in both time and equipment that is required to capture these images, you will agree that it is well justified and worth it.


Why are your digital product prices higher than other stock image sources?

You must understand that the large stock image services aggregate millions of images from thousands of Photographers, paying very low prices to the Photographers for those images.  Then through sheer marketing power, they sell high volumes of images.  Thus, they are able to sell their images for very low prices compared to "Independent" Photographers.  It is akin to the comparison between "Local Mom and Pop Grocery Store" and "U.S. MegaMart".


What do I get when I purchase your image?

When you purchase a digital download, you are purchasing specific usage rights to that image.  These rights are not exclusive to you, and they are "Personal Usage Rights", meaning that you cannot in any way shape or form, profit from, distribute, share, or modify the image.  The Licensing Agreement is automatically downloaded with the image, and you can also view it here:  Personal Use Licensing Agreement - Download Version.pdf 

If you purchase a specific print product, then you will receive that specific product.  Technically, you also receive personal use licensing, however this is naturally limited by the "hard" product that you have purchased.


When do I receive my purchase?

When you purchase a digital download, it will take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes for the image to be prepared for download.  You will receive an e-mail when it is ready, or, you can simply wait on the order summary page until it says it is ready.

When you order a print product, the order will first come to us for review.  As we use several camera platforms, with different aspect ratios, we need to make sure that the image you purchased works with the product size that you purchased.  If any adjustments or cropping need to be completed, we will do that.  We will, generally, complete this review within one business day.  We will then send the order to our printing and fulfillment center.  Time for the product to be created and shipped directly to you is outside of our control.


Can I order custom products or products not shown on your site?

Absolutely.  Please contact us with your needs, and we can work with you to provide, whether it be a specific product that we do not offer, a creative photo grouping, a photo grouping of a single image, a different aspect ratio such as square, or anything else that you can think of.


Can I obtain commercial usage rights to any of your images?

Yes.  Please contact us with the image that you want, usage, distribution, market, volume, duration, etc., and we will develop a proposal for licensing  fees.


Can we Commission Spectre Imaging for a specific project?

We would love to.  Please contact us with the type of shoot, location, number of final shots required, licensing requirements (please see above), etc. and we will develop a proposal for services.  Specte Imaging can be commissioned for architectural/built environment shoots, all types of outdoor shoots, and product/fine art shoots.  We do not do weddings, school shoots, team shoots, fashion shoots, or the like.  We do, however, have strategic partners to which we can refer you for these types of shoots.


What if I want a specific shot, but do not want to "Commission"  Spectre Imaging?

We love special requests.  Please feel free to e-mail us your request, and we will endeavor to work it into our shoot schedule and make it happen.  Of course, we can make no guarantees as to time frame.